Jason Mejia is a Chicago based designer with core passions for music and and art. He often extracts the core meanings from these mediums in order to illustrate a narrative- putting to use his training in graphic and visual design. He is a strong believer in the connection between emotion and design.

Jason Mejia

Chief Creative Officer


Jared Goldstein

Editor in Chief, Founding Partner

Jared Goldstein is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and co-founder of the Charity Taralli focused on feeding the homeless. He has worked as the founder of The Lab, a Fine Dining Restaurant Concept and a researcher at McCormick Spices. He has also worked under Chef Grant Achatz at the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant Alinea. Jared is incredibly passionate about sharing culinary knowledge with cooks across the world, from the point of view of a Chef!


Franco Fugel is a New York based Chef and Entrepreneur in the Food & Dining sector. He has worked on many projects including the Charity Taralli working with City Harvest NYC, the Pop Up Restaurant Vittorio's and under many world renound Chefs at the NoMad and Ai Fiori. Franco has also founded his own business, Franco Gelato, which operated from 2011 until 2018.

Franco Fugel

Chief Operating Officer, Founding Partner

A New Course in Dining- that is our motto. Breaking out of the mold of traditional Food and Drink Magazines, For the Table presents hand picked stories, expert photographs, creative snippets and recipes engineered For your home (To Impress your friends of course!) For the Table is the antithesis of  the newsstand Food and Drink Magazine. We represent quality, care, value, knowledge and unification between all who love dining. We are the new generation of Food and Drink Magazines. We are A New Course in Dining. 

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