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For the Table is the destination for Hospitality Industry media management. From website design to magazine publication, For the Table can handle all of your needs and beyond while still ringing in over 50% under our competitors!



Best in class hospitality magazines, tailored to the spirit of your business. Designed with the same elegance as before, but for your brand.



Are you growing fast and don't know where to begin? For the Table can help by assessing your businesses media needs and filling those voids with the same care and precision as our other services.



Hospitality websites are tough. Let For the Table build, curate and engineer a website that serves your business the same way you serve your guests. 


ethos based creative?

Aligning your brand's economic and social responsibility is a challenge, especially when it comes to necessary activities such as printing. For the Table is an ethos based creative- we dedicate ourselves to furthering your interests in social responsibility and enterprise strategy. 

Whether it is sustainability in general, fighting humanitarian crises in the Middle East or anything in-between, we will make your project work for you- to further your goals. If it's what you believe in, it's what we believe in. Your goals become ours when we work together. 

We do not just pride ourselves on our mission- our deliverables will outperform our competitors every time, for less. We are able to develop a low to no cost magazine for any company through curated, on brand advertisements and sponsorships. And if that is not your thing, our prices will still beat the next competition. Publishing is not about making profit hand over fist anymore, we are most passionate about furthering positive contributions to the world.



We are now working with a select group of luxury brands to develop content and print high quality brand magazines. Ideal for hotel rooms, common areas, office lobbies or as corporate gifts- For the Table can do it all while furthering your corporate social goals. 


We are keen on sustainability, and our products show it. We print with high quality postconsumer upcycled cardstock that has been carefully selected for its indistinguishable feel, soy based ink, cellulose plant based gloss finishing as well as carbon offset programs. We are strong on promoting sustainability through our products, however we do not sacrifice quality. We carefully select all of our components to meet a high quality standard to reflect the professionalism and elegance in your brand. 


Cost and Advertising

We are able to provide our services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors because of how we are structured as an organization. On top of that, because we care so deeply about providing a wholistic approach to sustainable and cost effective publishing, we work with other initiative-driven brands to place advertisements in our publications. These advertisements work to both contribute to your specific CSR initiatives and greatly decrease the cost of your publication. 


We work with you to make your magazine reflect your brand and contribute positively to initiatives you believe in. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming one of the largest  expenditures for companies, and companies are very passionate about the initiatives they choose to align themselves with. For the Table uses your brand's ethos and dedicates your project to furthering that cause. Whether it is solving world hunger or promoting women's rights, your goals become ours.


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