Frequently asked questions

What is For the Table?

For the Table is a Magazine. But its not your traditional magazine. For the Table is the new generation of Food and Drink Magazines which is presented in a format more similar to a book. It's not your typical newsstand food and cooking magazine. We carefully script articles, collect interviews with industry professionals, adapt recipes from fine dining restaurants for your home and orchestrate photographs and graphics to tell culinary stories. This magazine is meant to share the wealth of knowledge held by the top Chefs and Restaurateurs with new chefs, cooks, home cooks and everybody between.

Why is For the Table $20?

For the Table's mission is quality. Not just quality of the magazine/book itself (which it is incredibly high quality), but the quality of the content as well. From the paper we choose to the ink- the individual packaging and the content, For the Table is an exclusive experience for those who want to learn more. Chefs who want to learn how their peers have become successful and home cooks who want to learn how to cook Michelin recipes in their own home- For the Table provides seamless content for all intrigued by food and drink. In a way that will amaze your friends, co-workers and family.

Can I purchase For the Table in stores?

For the Table will be available in select stores starting in October of 2020. There will be a list on the "Store" page.

Order Details and Shipping

All of your order details will be emailed to you after you complete your purchase. In addition, you can view them by logging onto the site using the link in your email. You will recieve a notification when your order ships. All orders will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail which varies in delivery time. You should expect your order 5-7 business days after it has been shipped. Typically all orders ship in under 24 hours. For the Presale, all orders will ship on October 1st! INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: International orders are shipped with USPS and FedEx using the Priority Mail International service or First Class Package Service. Orders are typically shipped within 24 hours with a window of 10-16 days of delivery. Price is dependent on the weight of the total package.

How Often is For the Table Published?

For the Table is a seasonal Publication- one released in September, December, March and June.